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In December, I had a bit of fun offering a collection of winter miniatures to my followers on Instagram and Facebook.  It was such a success!  The number was under twenty five total.  Each watercolor painting, an original artwork, were 3" x 4" in size.  


I am preparing to begin work on the spring collection of miniatures, limited number to be available.  With under thirty available and each one painted by hand with unique details, no two will be alike.  Those who have purchased a winter miniature have already expressed interest in collecting from each season.  This makes my heart sing!
Along with spring minature collection, I am preparing to offer the many other miniatures I have in stock in the coming weeks.  By removing these small artworks from my website inventory, I will manage it more easily to bring a spotlight to artworks.  Each release will be in numbers of about ten or less within a week's time.  I am still deciding whether to offer them available like the miniatures were done OR record a LIVE video showing them off and claiming done in the comments.
Photography of new artwork has been in process today and yesterday.  I intend to only offer artworks 8" by 10" and larger here on the website going forward.  If all is good with detail and color captured in the photos, I may be ready to move to the next step of cropping and giving each artwork a title.  It all takes time so I'll keep plugging along!
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More new artwork coming here soon!
Thank you for your interest and support,
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