Busy Days of January 2020

The months have flown by and soon it will be spring.  Our winter began in September, and yes, that is early for Montana.  It's been steadily cold and snowy all these months.  Many new artworks have been inspired and soon to be released.  We will still wait until the end of May for the best chances of truly spring weather.



I took off a couple of weeks over the holidays to relax and enjoy my home and family.  The cozy homebody I enjoy being, I baked and cooked, cleaned and organized, along with special time with people I love.  The past two weeks have been busier in the art studio, which conveniently enough is located attached to the back of our home.  No driving or walking in the cold...it's easy enough to go from throwing in a load of towels to the art workspace to paint for the afternoon.



Several paintings have sold recently and it's been quite a process to prepare them to ship to new homes.  Bittersweet emotions come as it sinks in that the artwork is going to belong to someone, no longer hanging out here with me...but the consolation is knowing that the collector will truly appreciate owning and displaying it.  I go to great lengths to add many personal touches so the unwrapping will be a delightful experience.



I will be spending the next several weeks preparing a large number of artworks for listing on my website.  They have a few steps to go with adding signature, titles, adding to inventory, and photographing before I can bring them to being available here.  I will try to balance my time between this important goal and painting new artworks...because there's so many new and old inspirations for beautiful watercolor landscapes.



I have one art commission project currently in progress so that will be a high priority as well.  Feel free to message me for details about a private art commission.  It may be fall of 2020 before I will have the time available to devote to a commissioned artwork, but it helps to start the process months in advance.  Just nailing down the details takes a week or two.



I have another blog at shemustmakeart.com and you can also find me very actively posting on Instagram as @christysheeler.artist.



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