Creating art in the midst of a pandemic.

Completed watercolor paintings.  ©Christy Sheeler 2020


The world has shifted since my last blog post so let me start by expressing my hope that these words find you safe at home with your loved ones. During these unprecedented times, my focus has shifted to my creativity. In late March and early April, I filled my days with all things staying at home.  I learned how to make sourdough starter and sourdough bread so that was a favorite comfort food.  My family and I worked on puzzles.  And I painted quite a bit.  With my art studio attached to the back of our home, it's a short trip to go be creative.

Thankfully, I was moderately organized with art goals and projects in progress.  Once I found my bearings emotionally and spiritually, I was able to find a lot of comfort and peace in painting again.

The completed paintings had been accumulating for months and I knew it was time to do something about that.  There are many steps between a painting completion and listing on my website.  I was a bit overwhelmed.  And then I made my game plan for breaking it down into doable steps.  You know, the elephant and one bite at a time?  (How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.)  So the paintings are ready to be released in a series of collections over the next six months.  Soon, I will release the first collection so if you are eager to be first in line to see them, please sign up for my newsletter.

I have returned to my seasonal job as a weekday nanny for a local family with three young children.  A new routine for me this year is creating time in the morning for art time before I leave for work.  In addition, I am finding ways to do some art business work on my phone and taking a small art kit to paint during nap time in the afternoons.

You can follow along in my Instagram stories and posts at @christysheeler.artist. My hope is that sharing my creative process that I can bring some joy to your Instagram feed and into your home, wherever you are sheltering in place.  I know many places have begun the "opening back up" phase but it's still a comfort to be home.  Connection is more important than ever, even as we must be apart, and I am here to connect with you! 

How are you spending your days at home? Reflecting on creativity and being able to express through painting has helped tremendously. Are you getting more time to reflect? I hope you all stay safe and healthy.



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