Cut Bank Holiday Bazaar

In my preparations for this upcoming event, I have been busily creating a variety of items for all ranges of budget.  I am honing in on that potential new client that has less wiggle room in the pocketbook.  I have a heart for those who, like me, need to carefully watch every dollar spent.  So, there are very beautiful and unique items with my own signature touches to be seen and purchased.  Handpainted wood slice ornaments and handpainted 3" magnets will be some of my newly added items.  More bookmarks with art accents are on the way!  A new variety set of notecards, featuring eight wildflowers, are also new to my inventory.  I have two types of brown kraft notebooks with a little watercolor flair on the cover.  One limited edition item being offered is a watercolor travel kit.  Only six of these kits are available this first run and several have been snatched up before they are completely done.  As items become sold out, I will not be refilling my stock until later into spring.  It will become necessary to be added to a waitlist for notecards and other items.  I am finding the need to do this in order for me to focus on new original artwork, especially larger artwork, and art commissions.

The photo shown with this post is of my trying out potential layouts for the Cut Bank Holiday Bazaar.  I have a vendor space reserved and look forward to being able to visit with customers and new clients.  Recently, I hauled all the display pieces from my art room to my living room so I could set it all up and see how it might work.  I will be sharing more updates on Facebook and Instagram as the day draws nearer.

The several days after, I am sure will be set aside for rest.  There's no doubt that rest will be much needed.  But until then, I will press on and get many tasks completed toward what I have envisioned for this holiday season.

Thanks for joining me for this update,


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