Ethereal Expressive Collection Release

New artwork is now available with the Ethereal Expressive Collection!  These are smaller artworks of landscapes in a more expressive approach.  With watercolor pigments flowing from one area into another, blooms in uneven dampness allowed to remain, salt used for a crystalized texture, spatter with both pigment and water, scraping back with palette knife and razor blade...all the fun and playful methods brought together.  These are artworks created at a time when I needed a bit more escape from the daily cares.  Relaxation and rest found with a brush in hand.  You'll still see my love of color and texture but in a free and explorative way.

New artwork is still in progress and will be included in collections waiting to be released later in the summer.  Summer Memories and Waterfalls & Rivers are coming in the next several weeks.  My timeframe may need to be adjusted if my expectations are found to be very unreasonable.  That's this creative life for me!


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