My Return to Full Creative Days

Watercolor painting of a mountain stream in progress; snapshot of the art studio workspace.


With a delighted heart, I am slowly returning to the art practice daily.  I am able to make limited time for creating art during the spring and summer months.  I have another full time job from April until September.  My fall and winter months are the most ideal for a full time art schedule.  Fulfilling and restorative are the words to describe having this opportunity to paint daily.  With inspiration from the past six months, my head is brimming with ideas and color combinations.

There are more than 30 original watercolor artworks awaiting their finishing brushstrokes.  Sizes ranging from miniature to 5" X 7" are ideal for my limited time spent in one paint session.  This fall I intend to move toward larger artworks again.  Soon, new artwork will become available.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for announcements when new work is released.

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