New Artwork Coming Soon!

While the most fun is the painting, I know it's time to put in the hard work away from my brushes.  These watercolor artworks are full of wonderful palette combinations.  I have been putting more attention on values and composition.  The hummingbird and the bluebird continue to captivate me.  The flowers from my garden have also been drawing me in to bring their images onto the watercolor paper.

I have been busy behind the scenes gathering the lovely watercolor extras for offering here on my website.  I'm calling them watercolor extras.  Bundles of creative items made by me...selected groupings of ornaments, magnets, notecards sets and bookmarks.  There are single ornaments and magnets available.  You can purchase a set of 8 notecards with mini artwork prints...and there are three different sets.

My goal for a date to bring all these to the website is late evening of Sunday, November 26th.  Please be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you'll be notified when I add new items to the website.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


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