Ethereal Expressive Collection coming soon!

While I had my doubts, somehow I managed to pull this one off.  This next collection will be released on schedule!  I found these twenty plus works to be very loose and expressive in nature.  They have more use of wet into wet technique as well as salt texture.

Ethereal Expressive Collection Christy Sheeler ©2020 

Wet into wet is applying the paint in a more watered consistency onto a damp paper.  This energizes the pigment to travel and mix in an exciting way.  Salt added to a damp wash creates a crystalized pattern as it dries.  I found these artworks to be a truly enjoyable experience (not always the case), as if I had been transported to the solitude of these rugged places for a little while.

Look for these to be released very soon.  If you have added yourself to my mailing list, you'll have the personal announcement sent your way soon!  I am thrilled to be bringing these here for you to find one you might not be able to live without.


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