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Christy Sheeler Art

Special Orders

Special Orders

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Here's your opportunity to partner with me for a unique piece of artwork.

You have a certain subject in mind and really enjoy my work, so you reach out to me for artwork created with your ideas as the starting point.  You give me your impressions of what you have in mind with the main subject, colors, where it will hang, who it will be gifted to, and so on.  Once we have had some great conversation to help me with framework, I begin the process of taking all of those considerations in mind to my studio work space.  You will get to see a quick sketch or thumbnail mini painting with where I would like to take this before I begin the main project.

I have a more detailed explanation in a separate place here on the website  under Private Art Commission.

This listing is for purpose of deposit before work begins and balance remaining when the artwork is complete and ready to ship.

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