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Christy Sheeler Art

Watercolor Travel Kit

Watercolor Travel Kit

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A travel kit which can easily be packed in a carry-on bag for your next adventure.  Bring this bag, filled with the essentials, and create along the way.  So many hours waiting to be filled with exploring and playing - relaxation in using brush and color just for the pleasure of it.

I created this kit to make it easy to paint at the kitchen table, in the airport, or while out on a camping decide which location works best for you. 

Cotton bag 9 1/2" x 6 1/2", lined and interfaced with zipper and loop for carabiner clip.   A seamstress friend created the bag for this kit.  It is large enough to add more of your own supplies.

Hinged metal tin with ten half-pans of Van Gogh watercolors (magnets on bottom of pans), a color swatch card, and an upcycled plastic palette.  Inspired by an Altoids tin and the perfect size for this purpose.

Two travel brushes, #2 and #6 round, Miller's Golden Fleece.

Ten sheets cold-pressed watercolor paper 140# 3" x 4" each.


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